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Sakuragawa Submersible Pumps

Model : Sakuragawa Submersible Pumps

Category: Pumps

Sakuragawa - electric submersible drainage pumps

Sakuragawa Pump Mfg. Co Ltd, established in 1953, is a dedicated pump manufacturer based in Osaka Japan. Sakuragawa is proud to be the first submersible pump manufacturer in Japan.

As a company with leading technical and development skill, Sakuragawa continues to offer the best pump products and services to consumers today as they have done in the past.

Sakuragawa’s broad product range includes submersible pumps for civil engineering, construction, mining and marine applications.

Submersible pumps for buildings and constructions; drainage of water out of construction sites, mining and dredging out of harbour projects, etc., Submersible pumps for stationary use such as drainage of sewage water from buildings, sewage plants, etc.

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Home - > Products - > Emergency Response - > Sakuragawa Submersible Pumps